Intelligent Enterprises is an Irish company specialising in consultancy services delivering Intelligent Finance, ESG & Analytics solutions for organisations. We help organisations tackle the challenges they face in managing their Financial and ESG operations efficiently and effectively. 

Welcome to Intelligent Enterprises, your trusted partner in unlocking the power of Financial Analytics, Intelligent Finance, and ESG solutions. As a dynamic company specialising in Data Analytics & Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) we provide comprehensive transformation capabilities for organisations. Our highly experienced and certified team is dedicated to helping clients make informed decisions faster, optimise the performance of critical finance systems, and drive operational excellence. With a steadfast commitment to customer success, empowered people, and a strong organisation, we foster long-term partnerships, deliver exceptional results. Join us on our journey to transform organisations through innovative solutions encompassing Financial Analytics, Intelligent Finance, and ESG. Together, we can shape the future of finance by leveraging data-driven insights, sustainable practices, and responsible decision-making. 


Intelligent Finance Solutions 

Intelligent Enterprises can drive your financial digital transformation through our Intelligent Finance Solutions. Our Intelligent Finance offering combines advanced financial planning, consolidation, reporting, and analytics solutions to empower organisations with solutions that streamline financial operations, drive efficiency, and enable organisations to achieve their financial goals. 

Intelligent ESG 

Intelligent Enterprises can drive your ESG reporting strategy through our Intelligent ESG Solutions. Our Intelligent ESG offering provides comprehensive solutions for ESG reporting, helping organisations measure, track, and report on their ESG performance. With a focus on sustainability and responsible business practices, we enable organisations to enhance transparency, meet regulatory requirements, and drive positive social and environmental impact. 

Intelligent Analytics 

Intelligent Enterprises provides cutting-edge analytics solutions specifically tailored for finance functions. Our Analytics for Finance offering enables organizations to unlock the power of data, gain valuable insights, and make informed decisions that drive financial performance and strategic growth 

Advisory & consultancy 

Intelligent Enterprises provides expertise in helping our clients understand the art of the possible. We provide strategic guidance and expertise to organisations, helping them navigate complex business challenges and optimise their finance & ESG processes. With a focus on delivering independent and tailored advice, we support organisations in making informed decisions and achieving their financial and sustainability goals. 




Helping our customers understand the art of the possible and safeguarding their investments by overseeing implementations. 


Working with the project management team, through each stage of the project, with clearly defined deliverables and well exercised plans to deliver them. 


Our Managed Services delivers proactive, on-demand support for EPM and Data Analytics environments. 



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